श्री मार्तंड देव संस्थान जेजुरी

श्री क्षेत्र जेजुरी, ता. पुरंदर, जि. पुणे ४१२३०३


Title Type Reference No. Date PDF E_tender
Teasting tender E_tender 123 2018-03-29
tjrgf Quotation fgjfg 2018-09-06
Electrical advertise Punyatithi Festival -2018 SUPPLY OF Transport Truck ON HIRE BASIS Quotation 2018-09-03 CLICK
eTender for purchase BEDSHEET & PILOW COVER Quotation 2018-09-18 CLICK

Following items are strictly disallowed in and around the temple premises and can attract penal action in case of violations.